First Week Of School

My first week of school has been great. The teachers seem really nice and my Freshman year I think will be great. I like all the classes I am taking I think they will be very good for the future. My favorite class is Spanish because I have always wanted to learn it and I hope I can speak it fluently. I really love playing trumpet and being in the White Oak Marching Band our first game is friday. The first week of school was great I hope the rest of it will be great too.

Genius Hour Blog Post

      I have chosen to post Youtube videos of cool NBA shots. They will be put in order 1-10 of how what I think the best shot is on NBA. I have chosen this Youtube project because I love watching top 10s and I think it would be fun to see how far I can go on this Youtube channel. I haven’t decided what to call the Youtube channel yet, but I have found some pretty cool shots on The only thing that I would probably need is to learn how to edit videos to make the videos look good.